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SEK Energy Coupling

The SEK Energy Coupling is a SHW Connector accessory that enables the transmission of energy, air and vacuum.

SEK advantages:
  • Extends the mechanical interfaces of the SHW Connector
  • Replaces additional plug connections
  • Transmits 12x electrical signals from the upper to the lower assembly

SEK Energy Couplings can be modified to meet your needs. Please inquire about special applications.

Compare the SEK

Select one or more of the SEK sizes in order to compare product data.

designation compatible for electronic execution
SEK100 SHW063 SHW080 SHW100 12
designation compatible for electronic execution
SEK100-FE AC063 12
designation compatible for electronic execution pneum. execution
SEK100-P SHW063 SHW080 SHW100 AC063 12 6
designation compatible for electronic execution
SEK125 SHW125 12

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