AC Sensors

for AC063

AC Sensors
Article number Designation Query option Connection
ZG-AC-IN1-150-M8 AC063 Sensor for upper part Abfrage Lock state 150mm cable, M8 connector, 3pin
ZG-AC-IN2-300-M8 AC063 Sensor for lower part Query deposit position 300mm cable, M8 connector, 3pin
ZG-AC063-IN2-SF1 AC063 Switching flag for lower part Query deposit position -

AC Sensors

The AC sensor is an addition to our Auto Connector and can be mounted in the upper and lower parts. It enables the locking status of the upper part to be queried as well as the storage position of the lower part to be queried.

AC Sensors advantages:

  • Allows you to query the locking status and storage position
  • Inductive, non-contact sensor with a long service life
  • Insensitive to shocks and vibrations, dirt-resistant
  • High switching accuracy
  • Is compatible with all major EAOT on the market
  • Advanced automation options
  • Increases the security of process flow


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