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DDF Multi swivel

DDF Multi swivel

Operating mode:   
The compressed air is routed through channels inside the DDF. This prevents twisting of the pneumatic lines in endless rotary motions.
•    light and robust
•    ISO-flange
•    No twisting of the air conduction
•    Quick connection of pneumatic tubes
•    Interface according to DIN EN ISO 9409-1

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Pos. Description
1 Flange
2 Ring
3 Disk
4 Piston seal
5 Deep groove ball bearing
6 Counter-sunk screw
7 Setscrew
8 Straight connection assembly
9 Fitting Screw


Technical specifications DDF050
Basic material Al, anodized, stainless steel
Medium Compressed air, filtered, oiled and unoiled
Operating pressure range 0 to 8 bar
Number of ducts 4
Tube-external diameter 6 mm
Threaded connection compressed air M5
Weight 690 g
Max. speed 60 / min
Zero-time 1 Nm
Ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
Mounting flange According to ISO9409-1
Stock number Multiport Swivel Ø50…
G-DDF050-2-4/NW4 with deep groove ball bearing and universal seals 4 x air
Replacement gasket kit …
EG-DDF050-2-DS-4 for 4 x air DDF050 with deep groove ball bearing
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