30 years of GRIP:

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We celebrate our anniversary and say thank you!

On 24 May 2019 we celebrated our 30th anniversary on the company premises. Over 200 invited guests, including business partners, representatives from politics and business, friends and the entire GRIP team with their families, had a wonderful and eventful day. Our Managing Director, Hasan Canti, talked about the company's history and development, thanked his team and gave an outlook on the future of the company. The films show "30 years of passion, innovation and precision", "What our customers and partners say about us" and "We are GRIP!" met with great approval among the invited guests and for one or two emotional moments. Further highlights were our company tour and the presentation of our popular products. On the occasion of the anniversary we collected a donation of 7.000 € and presented the Neven Subotic Foundation with 100 % WASH for their project. On this special day with bright sunshine we celebrated together into the evening.

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